1. Monginis Celebration Box

    Make Your Gatherings Hassle-Free with Monginis Celebration In a Box

    The Perfect Solution for Effortless Gatherings
    Our new Celebration in a box offers Convenience, hassle-free parties, stress-free preparations, easy party planning

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  2. The 3rd season of a summer internship with Monginis Egypt

    The Summer Internship Program at Monginis Egypt offers a great opportunity for youth to gain valuable experience in the baking industry. As a leading bakery chain in Egypt..

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  3. Ramadan Kareem

    The holy month of Ramadan is upon us. It’s a time of reflection and prosperity, family reunions, friend gatherings, food, dessert, and then some more dessert…

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  4. Happy Mothers Day

    The 21st of March marks the joyous occasion of Mother’s Day! Everyone is always looking forward to celebrating the women in their lives and waiting for this day to come.

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  5. A Merry Monginis Christmas

    It’s the same time of the year again, and here at Monginis we could not be more ecstatic. It’s Christmas time! And we’re approaching a new year...

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  6. Monginis New Year resolutions

    Continuing to always be a part of your celebrations: A goal we always try to attain here in Monginis is clear to everyone through our slogan; “Let’s celebrate!” Whether it’s a birthday or a wedding, a small win or a big one, Monginis has got the thing just for you!

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  7. Super Tuesday

    Super Tuesday:


    Just like any iconic food-related days, we wanted to have a Monginis day.

    Monginis created the now well-known: “Super Tuesday”! This day has brought happiness into many homes and to many occasions; but what exactly is it?

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