Terms & Conditions


    1. Product price mentioned is inclusive of Delivery Charges, Local Taxes and Transaction Fees. Hence, NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES are applicable to the product.
    2. Orders are accepted from around the World, for deliveries only in Select Cities of Egypt.
    3. Lead Time for deliveries is 3 Working Days.
    4. All deliveries will be executed between 12 Noon - 6 PM.
    5. Unavailability of the recipient, for any reason will be treated as cake delivered.
    6. There will not be any refund of money in case of incorrect recipient's Shipping Address / Telephone Number.
    7. On account of unforeseen circumstances like Floods / Natural Calamity / etc. the Delivery Service may be withdrawn.
    8. We deliver cakes only in our defined cities shown in the store locator.
    9. All cakes are delivered in boxes, along with a gift card for personalized messages.
Choco Fruits
chocolate and vanilla cake with nuts