Price: $36.00
Duplex is a special beautiful cake of two tiny-sized tiers 16 and 10 cm full of mouthwatering milky cream and layers of fresh sponge cake.
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Price: $33.00
It's time to express your feelings to your loved one with L'amour cake which full of the meaning of love in it's romantic shape and the fresh tasty...
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Price: $48.00
Chocolate flower basket is a romantic gift of the collection of flowers and chocolate in a basket.
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Price: $44.00
Teddy and chocolate heart is one of the best romantic gift for your loved one in Valentine, it's a teddy bear and heart-shaped box full of chocolate.
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Price: $49.00
Teddy and flower basket is your best choice of romantic gift for loved one, it's teddy bear and flowers with chocolate in a basket for valentine.
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Price: $42.00
Pink flower bouquet is your one of the best choice for gifting your loved ones, it's flowers "artificial" and chocolate.
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